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1000 Degrees Celsius Design is located in two provinces, Gauteng and Limpopo. The company was set after realising that the built environment aesthete in South Africa still remains as overarching Eurocentric influence which does not reflect any African ethos and outlook. 1000 degrees Celsius Design draws on a combined total of 12 years and varied designs and project management experience of its founder members. The background allows 1000 Degrees Celsius to build a competent response team that it is well balanced to demystify the design process and guide the client through the project.

While our core services have always been architecture and design, over time we identified the opportunity to incorporate other sector involved in the built environment. Recognizing that some of our members have the relevant education background and or experience we made the much needed and fundamental decision to include as part of our core divisions Town planning and Construction.

The focus of this website is to position 1000 Degrees Celsius as a brand within this highly complex market, identify its future target client niche positioning, unbundle its business model and to explain its market strategy.


We intend to be customer focused firm that brings a fresh African aesthete to Architectural, Construction, Town Planning and graphic designs


Our aim is to win a significant share of the market pie, delivering of an outstanding professional services, which adds great value to our client

Furthermore we are posted to complete in the architectural and interior market, well positioned to market our client- centric design philosophy along with the latest thinking of aesthetic proposition. We are dedicated to provide the highest quality designs and project planning of contracts within agreed parameters, dates and budget in accordance with the client-sanctioned concept.

We are proud to have as partners the best Town Planners, Council Consultants, Engineers and other professionals in the industry. Their backing and services are unbelievable combination.