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1000 Degrees Celsius Architecture is primarily a service business that competes for medium to large state and corporate tenders and private clients consulting. In addition we offer the following 2D and 3D Architectural Designs, Interior design, Civil Engineering, Town planning, Construction and Project management at 1000 Degrees Celsius, we have a dedicated, hands-on management team to take care of our clients. Prompt and successful delivery is an absolute priority and we continually strive to develop practical and mutually beneficial relationships.Our portfolio includes commercial, industrial and residential real estate situated across the African Continent.

"We provide innovative, practical concepts tailor-made to suit your specific architectural needs"

The 1000 degree approach We replenish and revive Free quotes without obligations

At 1000 Degrees Celsius’s Architecture department , we apply a hands-on methodology to our client relations. We provide innovative, practical concepts tailor-made to suit your specific architectural needs. We consult and update our clients during every stage in the process because we understand the importance of being kept in the loop. We’re dedicated to creating structures which reflect our inbuilt values of ergonomics and environmental consciousness. The caliber of our client base is a testament to the reliability of our services.

Our architects are specialists at renovation and restoration. Whether a structure needs renewal that’s loyal to its original vision care or if it needs to be updated and reimagined altogether, we will come to the table with the creativity to meet the task. At 1000 Degrees, we breathe new life into old buildings. Email us today to get your free quote and we’ll set up a consultation.

At 1000 Degrees Celsius Design our prices are so competitive because we have a strong belief in creating concepts that are financially practical without any compromise to quality. With us there are no surprises, we always stick to the brief and budgetary constraints are of paramount importance to our planning process. You’ll always know what you’re paying for with 1000 Degrees Celsius Design. Our quotes are absolutely free of charge. Email one of our architects and get your quote, we assure you won’t regret it.